Alle Bilder wurden von Lositheed fotografiert, Ausnahmen sind gekennzeichnet
Lositheed with Bela Fleck
and Victor Wooten
sing the blues
Mitch Ryder
Konzertplakat von
Chapter V
The Clown 2003 Candy Dulfer & Ulco Bed
live in Aschaffenburg
Lositheed and
"The Voice" Chris Farlowe
Lahnstein 2003
Lulo Reinhardt
live on stage
Blues Micro
The Orlando Blues
Roy Ganes
live Bluesfestival
Lahnstein 2002
Red Shoe
Basement Vernisage bei ver.di Colosseum Concert
Oktober 2003
in Rennerod
Lulo Reinhardt
live in der Sansibar
Vernisage Cafe Atempause Lulo Reinhardt Project no 1
play live at the Gewölbekeller in Köln 29 Nov 2003
Colosseum live at the Brueckenforum in Bonn Dec 04 2003 Lulo Reinhardt
Colosseum live at the Brueckenforum in Bonn Dec 04 2003 Lulo Reinhardt in
der Sansibar in Koblenz
Trip to Arizona 2004

Orlando Blues
March 2004

Lulo Reinhardt
Live in Köln May 2004

Lositheed as the clown
May 2004
Marcus Miller live in Koblenz Güls June 28 2004 at the Cafe Hahn Marcus Miller live June 29 2004 Aschaffenburg live at the
Jeremy August 28 2004 in Bad Ems  
October 1 2004
Hamburg Blues Band
Verden October 2 2004
Maroll and Lositheed live at the Galerie 3
Lositheed and Kuba live at the Galerie 3 in
Verden / Aller Dec 02 2004
Exhibition opening for Maroll

Orlando Jan Feb 2005

Lynwood Edmond and Friend`s
Art in USA 2005

Lositheed is Eddy the Clown

live in Koblenz
May 31 2005

Maceo Parker and Band Aschaffenburg Germany June 28

Roscoe Beck Frankfurt Oct 15 05
December 02 2005
Eiswerderstr. 22 - 13585 Berlin-Spandau 
Photo by
Manuel Karsten thanks soo much
Hamburg Blues Band
live at the Cafe Hahn
Koblenz - Güls
January 06 2006
"Lositheed is Eddy the Clown
live in Koblenz
the last photos from him....
May 26 2006 "
(made by Lositheed and Maroll)
Ausstellung Kulturscheune Marienfels Juni/Juli 2006
(made by Angy)