The harp is the mother of blues
The soul is the mother of the painters
Edgar Meutzner born 1955 in Seligenstadt/Hessen
Early I began to write poems.
Later it was important for me to convert my poems to playing in a band. However I noticed to writing poems and singing poems is very different.
Thus I became also songwriter.
With my friend Stefan Schmidt I wrote the music. They were interpreted as Blues live on stage.
The developing to nature became a part of my philosophy. By running above mountains brought me very near to mother “EARTH”.
As a left handed person, who was
re-educated on right, I started painting with my left hand and so I could well express my creativity.
At the beginning concentrated on painting undefined faces.
This changed in the course of time. Faces lost their importance.
Colours changed into pastelle. The pictures became partly mystical.
The colours developed now structure and more clearly.

I would like to leave it to the spectator to interpret the pictures

I have been influenced a lot by my frequent travels to Jamaica, the USA and South America. And don’t forget my activities in the trade union
business. In addition activities come into unionized organizations. I’ve learned to understand other cultures and to enjoy dealing with people who have diverse ways of thinking.
At the age from 50 years the artist Edgar Meutzner unfortunately very suddenly died to 01.06.2006.