Love Letter

Dear she-wulf, dear beast of prey, loving witch, tender princess, above all human, searching for unity in the melody of color and sound, you with this enchanting, benevolent, shaped body, more then my soulmate (loved one)

these lines are deviating from our otherwise common type of communication.

i would like to say how much I am with you.

How am I in accord with you while running and not only for this while.

How we handle things with a stupid smile, but understand each other. for long time stamped togehter with the great respect oposite each other.

what should i do with this lines !?

i would like you to read this.
or should i read out it to you before we fall asleep together

having time, time for floating leave ourself
to fall into the well without getting wet or hurting us

from what kind of strange Idea did we descent ?

The lovely bride, looking into blue eyes !

Can say so much, and know, if I won't say it, nevertheless you will know what i´m suposed to say, to feel what i love to you

feel this as my most beautiful written letter (ever)

the human, Wulf, Lover of the bushes
and Plants, about which he does not
understand anything and nevertheless
loves them like the animals an you

dear Edgar